Are Electric Skateboards Easy To Ride?

Electric skateboards are easy to ride but take a little practice to get used to. With an electric skateboard, you use a remote control to accelerate and brake the board. Similar to normal skateboards, you lean your weight to turn (or carve) on the board. In this article, we’ll explain some of the differences between … Read more

Electric Remote Control Skateboards Buyer’s Guide

When I was a child I was obsessed with a video I saw of a guy on a skateboard being pulled along behind his radio controlled car. Imagine that – having a skateboard you didn’t have to actually push. You could just stand on your board and enjoy the ride! Well, a few years have … Read more

Best Electric Skateboards For Under £500? Longboards For Less

Some might say electric skateboards offer the perfect blend of speed, portability, price, and a cool factor that makes them the ideal commuting tool, as well as being fun to cruise around on after. But choosing a board can be rough, especially if you’re on a budget. This is why we’ve written this handy guide, … Read more