Best Child’s Electric Scooter With A Seat [UK 2022]

Let’s be honest, any child in their right mind is going to do flips at the prospect of getting themselves onto one of these. I didn’t know you could get sit-down scooters for kids until one bombed past me on the school run one day. Impressed I was and in this guide, we’ll be covering the current UK’s best electric scooters for little ones that come with a seat.

What are 2022’s top choices for kids seated escooters?

Start your engines, here’s the line-up of some of the better ones you can get for your money on places like Amazon today. We’ve gone over these with a fine-tooth comb to make sure they fit our strict criteria in terms of safety, comfort, and (just as importantly) how awesome they look.

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Ages: 6-12 years
Top speed: 8-10km/h
Removable seat: Yes
Range: 6-8km
Max Rider Weight: 70kg

St Hawk’s e-scooter is one of the better ones up for sale on Amazon UK. The is easy to remove and add back on so kids get the best of both worlds; using it as a standing e-scooter or in seated mode.

Although the seat itself isn’t spring-loaded, it has soft padding so won’t cause discomfort to little bottoms on bumps or cracks on the tarmac or pavement.

Plenty of power and easy to control

The 120w motor is controlled via a twist-grip throttle on the left handlebar and can move the scooter up smoothly to around 8 – 10 km per hour. This is more than enough for children and up to early teen years.

This e-ride can also be folded so it’s easy to fit in smaller boots or be carried on the bus. However, it does weigh slightly more than some of the other ones in this lineup, at 12kg.

You can buy this seated scooter in a range of camo colours too, including colour ranges to keep anyone happy. There’s bright pink (shown above) as well as red/black and a traditional army-style green camo. Whichever one you go for, they all look appealing and have a really crisp, modern design.

Although it’s not immediately clear from the description, there are also flashing LED strip lights along the side of this scooter. They cycle between super-bright disco style primary colours and make for an eye-catching display. It helps with that wow factor when the child sees it for the first time. Not a massive extra, but it definitely looks cool!

Decent upper weight allowance

Hawk’s e-scooter is a sturdy work-horse too. It has a max user weight of 70kg making it almost suitable for adults. The handlebars can be raised or lowered to match any child’s height, as can the saddle. The real benefit is that children won’t outgrow this scooter like they do some other electric vehicles. (I’m looking at you, plastic police bike my child rode three times!)

As with pretty much every other scooter that comes with a seat, there’s some self-assembly here but genuinely quick and easy to put together. We’re talking minimal work here. Still worth putting together prior to gifting just to check everything works and all the parts are there.

You get everything you need with this e-scooter, including the charging plug.


  • Sturdy and well designed
  • The removable seat gives best of both worlds
  • Eye-catching design and lighting
  • Easy to adjust as your child grows
  • The high upper weight allowance


  • Slightly heavier than other seated scooters

Verdict: This scooter has everything you need for a child’s first electric scooter. The seat makes riding a lot of fun and there’s plenty of room for growing children thanks to the handlebar and seat height adjustment. Most importantly, it’s a lot of fun to ride.

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[bestBox product_name=”E-Skooter Scooter” asin=”B00GO0ZPAK” pic=”” chip_text=”Top Budget Pick” sub_heading=”A solid cheap scooter with a saddle” text=”This scooter is sturdy, safe and comfortable. It’s fully adjustable so your child won’t outgrow it by next Christmas either.” link=”” tracking_id=””]

Ages: 6-14 years
Top speed: 12km/h
Removable seat: Yes
Range: 10-15km
Max Rider Weight: 70kg

This scooter comes in a range of bright colours (and a cool grey too) and a familiar design to any child who has used a scooter before.

You’ve got a respectable top speed of 12km/h which is just right for a child’s EV and good quality, comfy seat that can also be taken off if your child wants to ride standing up. It’s also quick release and can be attached or removed easily (although it’s also super-sturdy once it’s fixed on).

Because of how easy this e-scooter is to adjust, you can slide the handlebars and seat up and down and, depending on how old your child is now, it should provide many years of faithful service. It’s suitable for children from around 6 up to 14 years, depending on weight.

There’s actually a 70kg upper weight limit, which is almost enough for adults. Pretty impressive build quality and a good quality 120w motor provide plenty of power.

You can expect around 10 – 15km range on a full charge, ideal for longer runs out around the park. And the scooter will behave just like a non-powered one if you do run out of charge and at 10kg, it’s not the heaviest e-scooter we’ve seen either.

You can even fold it to make it a bit easier to carry (although these things are a bit clunky to carry for long periods).

Overall, an excellent e-scooter for kids. This electric scooter is sturdy, has plenty of charges and has a decent-sized battery that won’t run flat as soon as you get to the park. Easy to learn to ride and lots of fun too!

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[bestBox product_name=”Homcom 120W Foldable E-Scooter” asin=”B01NCBMQLC” pic=”” chip_text=”Worth Considering” sub_heading=”Best Seated Scooter For Kids” text=”” link=”” tracking_id=””]

Ages: 6-10 years
Top speed: 10km/h
Removable seat: No
Range: 6-8km
Max Rider Weight: 50kg

Homcom’s e-scooter is a decent looking machine, if you ignore the safety stickers on the side, in shiny chrome and black. It’s fully adjustable and will take children up to 50kg. You’ve got a standard 120w electric motor here as we’d expect.

There’s a single brake on the left handlebar and speed is controlled with a twist grip on the right.

As with many of these younger scooters, the tyres are solid and so the smoother the surface, the better.

One of the most important things with a decent electric scooter is how far you’ll get per charge. While these scooters do work as a regular kick scooters once the battery is flat, it defeats the object. Homcom’s scooter gets between 6 and 8 hours from a full charge and uses twin batteries so you won’t get stuck without power.


  • Good scooter for the money
  • Well designed
  • Adjustable for ages up to 10


  • Not waterproof at all
  • Assembly instructions could be better

Verdict: Once you’ve got this scooter assembled, it’s a decent scooter for the price tag, offering good value for money. There’s no waterproofing here, so take care even around puddles.

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Kids Scooter and Saddle Buyer’s guide

What should I be looking for in a good e-scooter with a seat?

Detachable seats offer the best of both worlds

In our experience, most children won’t want to remove the seat but a lot of scooters have the option of a quick-release saddle column. This gives the EV more versatility and your child can ride around standing up for a change too.

Make sure your child won’t outgrow their scooter

boy in a e-scooterAny parent knows how quickly children can grow. This Christmas’ electric ride can quickly gather dust in the shed if your child gets to big to ride it.

Electric scooters generally fare better in this respect as the handlebars and seat can often be extended to accommodate children from 6 to 12 years so they should get a good few years of use out of it, depending on how old they are now.

Checking the child’s weight and leaving room to grow

The majority of kids scooters out there are very robust and should have a decent weight limit for the rider of around 70kg. Children generally grow around 2.5″ each year, and they’ll also gain around 2-3kg per year. Factor this into your choice and your child will be able to use their scooter happily for years to come.

Other reviews

While it’s often hard to find honest reviews of products, it’s worth checking out some of the 3 – 4 star reviews on seller’s websites to see what real issues people have.

Little extras that make a big difference

Let’s be honest – for kids, flashing lights make everything better! A lot of the scooters we’ve reviewed have some pretty impressive LED lights that aren’t always apparent in the product pictures. They normally run along the lower edge of the scooter and can give your gift that wow factor.


For kids e-scooters, you’ll normally find the wheels have solid (non-air filled) tyres. While they’re a bit more ticket than pneumatic ones, they find for parks, pavements and tarmac. Off-road is another issue and it’s not recommended to take the majority of seated kids scooters on a mumpy trail!

Controlling speed

Electric Scooter With A Seat - tyres

Most children’s e-scooters will have a simple twist grip on one of the handlebars (usually the right) which the child turns to increase speed. They’re normally very forgiving and make for a smooth what to increase speed without the scooter whizzing off or any jerky motion. They’re easy to use, even if this is your child’s first foray into e-scooters.

Avoid disappointed children: always test your e-scooter out

There’s no doubt about it, things can go wrong with any electric scooter. If you’re buying this for a big present for a child, for Christmas or a birthday, definitely get it out of the box, assemble it and check that it charges up and runs. There’s nothing worse than a disappointed child! Putting it together and giving the electrics a good check can prevent this completely.

Seated E-Scooter FAQs

Can they get them wet?

Unless it expressly says so in the product blurb, do not get your child’s e-scooter wet. This doesn’t just include going out in the rain either. We’ve heard cases of a child riding through a puddle and the scooter stops working. They’re designed to be used outdoors but only in dry conditions.

Easier said than done in the UK, right?

How much scooting will they get per charge?

e-Scooter with Seat - best for child e-scooter

This will vary between models but as a general guide, you can expect around 4-6 hours of scooting time. This is also impacted by the kind of terrain surface and whether there is a lot of hills climbs involved. In distance, you’ll get around 5 – 8km per charge.

Another thing worth noting is that kids electric scooters don’t come charged. If you want the child to use it as soon as they receive it, and it’s a gift, then make sure you unbox and give it a full charge. This bit of planning means they can take it for a spin straight away.

How fast do kids e-scooters go?

Are they bad for the environment?

Should my child wear safety equipment?

While you might have seen kids bombing about in parks or the pavement without any protective gear, you should definitely make sure your child has at least a safety helmet on to protect their heads. These scooters are a lot more stable than you might think, but many of them do go fast so it’s advisable to wear a helmet while riding one.

How much is a decent child’s scooter that has a saddle?

These EV’s are a lot cheaper than the seated adult scooters we covered previously. You can expect to pay around £100 – £150 for one on places like Amazon, or Argos.