Best Electric Skateboards For Under £500? Longboards For Less

Some might say electric skateboards offer the perfect blend of speed, portability, price, and a cool factor that makes them the ideal commuting tool, as well as being fun to cruise around on after.

But choosing a board can be rough, especially if you’re on a budget. This is why we’ve written this handy guide, for anyone looking for a good board on a reasonable budget.

The best electric skateboards for under £500 in 2022

Best overall: Teamgee H20 Longboard (Amazon UK)

Teamgee H20 Longboard - product

Probably the best generalist electric skateboard we’ve looked at (it’s good enough that a variation also made the list, below,) the H20 is a beast that’s perfectly set up for commuting or easy cruising and has enough smart tech that it’s comfortable and easy to ride.

Running off a monstrous 1050W motor means you can push this up to 26mph, and easily climbs inclines up to 30 degrees. The remote has 4 speeds, and 4 separate braking profiles that can be set for different users.

Finally, the board itself is really well made. 8 layers of Canadian maple with a fibreglass decking offers strength and stability, with just enough flex to take impacts well. The H20 is primarily a road board, and the big PU wheels reflect that. If you want something that takes on rough terrain, look lower, but as a city runner, we’d bet that there’s nothing better for the price than this.

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Best mid-range: Geekme 400W longboard

Geekme 400W longboard - product

Smaller and less powerful than our top pick, but also about two thirds the price, if you don’t need the sheer speed and power of a big motor, and just plan on using your board for easy riding, without leaning into deep corners or shredding the streets, this board by Geekme might suit.

It’s driven by a hefty 400W motor that comfortably handles 20mph and 20-degree hills, with a max user weight of 250lbs. The remote is easy to use, with 3-speed modes, and the board itself is well made, with 11 ply maple.

You’re held back a little on the range, which is around 10 miles, so anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes of riding at a reasonable pace, but if you want a board to explore your local area or just get you from place to place, this is perfect.

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Best for kids: Casulo Remote Skateboard

Casulo Remote Skateboard - product

Unlike everything else on the list here, the Casulo remote skateboard is built around a standard board design, and not a longboard. It’s also got a much smaller motor, meaning that this isn’t really built for long commutes.

Instead, we’d recommend it for kids and teens who need something to bounce around on, which is backed up by the lower weight limit (around 175lbs) and a top speed of 12mph.

But don’t think this is a bad board. It’s well made, with 7 layers of traditional maple, and a frosted topside that eliminates the need for traditional grip tape, while also looking pretty cool. The motor is a decent 350W, which is perfect for lighter riders, again, kid-friendly, and it’s even strong enough to push up a 10-degree incline.

The last big upside is the price. It’s much cheaper than anything else we’re looking at today, which is a big draw. Again, if you’re looking for something that you can use to get to class or the office, look elsewhere, but this does what it does incredibly well.

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Best off-road: Teamgee H20T

Teamgee H20T - product

A variation on our top pick, the impressive H20, the T steps up to deliver a board that can roar across rough terrain like stone paths and grass ways like they’re nothing.

It does this by mounting a pair of 600W motors, individually driving each axle, meaning that even if one set of wheels catch or lose traction, you still keep moving. The wheels are up-rated too, to a set of 103mm rubber wheels with deep ridging that eats rough roads like it’s nothing. Also included are TeamGee’s standard PU wheels, so you can switch if you know you’re just street riding for a while.

Max range is around 20 miles, though this lowers over rough terrain. The remote is well made and simple to use, and it’s covered by a beast of a warranty.

While we’d lean towards the standard H20 if we were urban living, if you know you might have to take your board on rougher roads, the options given to you by the H20T are too good to pass up.

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Am I buying a decent board? Long board buyer’s guide

How to judge an electric skateboard

Everyone’s ride style is different, so what works for us might not work for you. But there are a few good rules of thumb that you can use to judge whether you’re gonna fall in love with a board, or toss it after a week.

Top Speed

It’s common to find top speeds between 20 and 30mph. Your choice should be based on what you’re looking for, and what you plan on using it for.

For long-range cruising, commuting or heavy road use, look for more speed. For shorter distances, a lower top speed with a higher torque might be better for what you need.

Motor size, battery and range

Obviously, a bigger motor is better, right?

Well, it depends. A bigger motor means more power to the wheels, so a higher top speed, acceleration and torque. However, it’s also a bigger draw on the battery and can affect the running time and range.

Electric Skateboard - Motor size, battery and range

All good electric skateboards will run on a lithium-ion battery now, which generally hold a good charge, recharge fast, and have good range. But always check whether the expected range is within the bounds that you need it for, especially if you’re commuting, and also bear in mind that range can drop by 20% or more after a few months of solid use and the batteries wearing out slightly.


You probably know that pretty much every electric skateboard is longboard style because they’re much better for cruising, and it also makes it easier to pack motors, batteries, and everything else, into the below board space.

But dimensions still matter. If you’re big and tall, you’re gonna want some length. But kids, teens, and smaller women might want a shorter, more manoeuvrable board. Your board size is down to you, you know what you love, so we’ll just remind you to keep it in mind.

Wheels and shock absorption

Electric Skateboard - Wheels and shock absorption

Quick question. What are you planning on doing with your board? If you’re only running roads, then you can get away with a standard skateboard style wheel system.

But a lot of electric boards are suitable for rougher terrain, with bigger wheels and a robust suspension system. If you’re a regular in back roads and country lanes, grab something with a better wheel system.