Hoverboard Kart Kits: The Best Full And Conversion Kits In 2022

As we close out 2022, hoverboards are still one of the most popular toys out there.

But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be more. Younger children might struggle to stay on a hoverboard, your child might be looking for a new adventure, or you might just want to mix it up a little with a toy that’s getting stale.

A hoverboard kart conversion kit is the best way to do this by taking any standard hoverboard, and turning it into the motor and wheels of a go-kart! With the increased stability and safety of a low kart, and how easy and fun they are to control, your kids will love their brand new hoverkart.

The best hoverkart kits in 2022

[bestBox asin=” pic=’https://www.trendyride.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Hummer-Warrior-G2-Full-Kit-Product.jpg’ chip_text=’Best Full Kit’ product_name=’Hummer Warrior G2 Full Kit’ sub_heading=’Best full kit hoverkart’ text=”You can easily convert your Hoverboard into a GoKart in just 2 minutes.”]

The single best kit we looked at, combines absolutely everything you need, including a high-quality hoverboard, the kart conversion kit, and a full set of safety gear to keep the driver safe when they’re tearing around at high speeds!

First off, we love the hoverboard here. It’s sleek and stylish, with blocky, futuristic lines and big, all-terrain wheels. The motor is a powerful 700 watts, charging fast and driving it forwards at up to 9.5 mph and easily climbing inclines up to 30 degrees, even with a solid 100kg (220lb) weight limit.

The kart is equally impressive. It looks great, the simple black design meshing well with the board itself. Everything is well made, and it’s all basically invincible, with scratch-resistant surfacing and fireproofing. It is worth pointing out that the board is resistant to light splashes, but shouldn’t be driven through anything bigger than the smallest puddle.

It’s packed with tech, including phone pairing with Bluetooth for music, app controls including self-balancing, child-friendly modes and anti-theft, all of which is responsive and simple to understand.

Finally, this actually comes with a full set of protective gear, including helmet, knee and elbow pads. This is a great touch and really helps to show the thought that’s gone into this, as well as taking some of the weight off your mind when your little one whizzes past.

[bestBox asin=” pic=’https://www.trendyride.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Fundot-Hoverboard-with-seat-kit-product.jpg’ chip_text=’Best All Terrain’ product_name=’Fundot Hoverboard with seat kit’ sub_heading=’Best all-terrain hoverkart’ text=”Thw all terrain hoverboards offer solid power to catch speed up to 15KM/H.”]

A huge beast of a board with beefy, impressively made kart, this kit is designed for all-terrain work, but that doesn’t mean it’s not also great on other surfaces.

The board itself runs on a pair of large, wide 8.5 inches, non-inflatable wheels that eat rough ground for breakfast. Specs are similar to most high-quality boards, with a 100kg (220lb) weight limit, a max speed of 9.5mph, and a battery that charges in a couple of hours, and lasts around an hour of intense play.

For younger children, you can set the app to child mode or limit the top speed, as well as check the battery or link music to the board.

The kart itself is large and well made, with bright, poppy designs on the seat and frame. It’s also seen several improvements this year, including smoother, more simple steering. The kart snaps into place in minutes, using two simple straps, and the entire thing is IP54 water rated, meaning it’s actually safe to use in the rain and proof against water spray, which is unique on this list.

Overall, we still love the Warrior G2, but if you’ve got a big garden or a lot of lands to play with, you’re going to need an all-terrain hoverboard, and this is by far the best we’ve seen.

[bestBox asin=” pic=’https://www.trendyride.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Rampage-K1-Seat-Attachment-product.jpg’ chip_text=’Best Add-on Kit’ product_name=’Rampage K1 Seat Attachment’ sub_heading=’Great choice for add-on kart kit’ text=”The seat features supreme Polyurethane wheels for unrivalled traction and a silky smooth ride.”]

If you already have a hoverboard or two lurking around the home and just need a kart to complete them, the Rampage K1, with its universal compatibility and rough, tough design, is a perfect choice.

Built from solid steel, the design is simple but effective, and will definitely be a hit with older kids who are more focused on performance. It’s fully compatible with all types of hoverboard, from 6.5, 8.5 and 10-inch wheels, using a simple strap system to hold everything in place. The second pair of straps are also included, for when the inevitable happens, someone gets too involved and something snaps.

But it’s in the little things where this stands out. Like the controls, which are well made, with long, grippy, easy to hold handlebars, as well as front rubber grips on the footwell, which is something you don’t see on many of these; a nice touch! The front wheel is also an ultra-high quality urethane skate style wheel that is tough and responsive.

All of this, and it’s very reasonably priced, too.

[bestBox asin=” pic=’https://www.trendyride.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Southern-Wolf-Hoverboard-Kit-product.jpg’ chip_text=’Best for Style’ product_name=’Southern Wolf Hoverboard Kit’ sub_heading=’Best stylish hoverkart’ text=”You can pick your favorite color.”]

Stylish and smart looking, your kids will love the bright colours and striking camo designs (with over a dozen choices available) of this kart and board combo.

The hoverboard itself is really cool. It has loads of lights, including built-in wheel LEDs, front lights, and pulsing top lights. More tech includes Bluetooth linking and speakers for live music. The battery is strong, charges fast, in less than 3 hours, and runs for about an hour, with a top speed of 9.5mph.

The kart itself is well made, with a max weight limit of 120kg (265lbs.) The front wheel is also really classy, with a 4-inch mount and ultra-smooth ball bearings that run comfortably over almost all terrain. But what probably stands out the most is the design. From the frame to the straps, to the camo seat, to the powerful board and motor, this kart is loud, aggressively styled and perfect for outdoorsy and adventurous kids.

[bestBox asin=” pic=’https://www.trendyride.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Zimx-Hoverbike-Kit-product.jpg’ chip_text=’Best Bike Kart Kit’ product_name=’Zimx Hoverbike Kit’ sub_heading=’Best hoverbike kart kit’ text=”Suitable for all of those who wish to stand out from all the others.”]

Sometimes you want more stability and speed than three wheels can offer. This quad bike kit is the perfect option, no matter how big or small the rider might be.

Built around a sturdy single beam frame, the kart is completely universal, fitting any and all hoverboards, and can be sized to suit riders as varied as 6 to 60. The fittings are great, with a soft and comfortable bike style seat, large, easy-grip handlebars that are simple to understand (the skills transfer instantly from an actual bike, as opposed to the handles on most karts.)

The board itself fits the front axle, so it turns with the handlebars. It might just be us, but the front-wheel-drive system just feels more natural. The large, EVA polymer rear tyres also eat up rough ground, meaning that you can easily drop an all-terrain hoverboard into this and start tearing across dirt tracks.

While it’s not really a ‘kart,’ we fell in love with this, and we’re sure that your kids (and probably you) will too.

How do hoverkart kits work?

At their heart, hoverkart kits are pretty simple. A hoverboard conversion kit is normally a simple metal frame that resembles a go-kart, with a few key differences.

  • One of the axles will be missing, generally the rear. This is replaced entirely with the hoverboard, which acts both as a pair of wheels and a motor.
  • Steering is normally controlled through a pair of handles that lean the frame and tell the hoverboard to turn, making karts like this usually rear-wheel drive.
  • Most hoverkarts will have a single front wheel, which can also turn and is mounted on a single spinning point like a shopping trolley.

Choosing a kit

boy riding a hoverkart

Making the decision about which hoverkart kit to buy can be tough, as it’s hard to tell different brands apart and know what to look for. Here’s what we’d recommend focusing on when making your choice:

Build quality

There are a few things to check on when it comes to building.

Firstly, the frame should be strong, with a weight limit that far exceeds the weight of anyone who’s planning on using the kart.

Second, look for large, strong wheels that aren’t going to pop or break if it runs into any rough terrain.

Third, look at how the hoverboard is attached to the kart. Different brands use multiple methods, including brackets, velcro strips, and pressure locks. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Hoverboard Kart Kits - steering wheel

Most hoverkarts use a relatively simple steering system. The single front wheel is attached to a bar that you can turn with your feet, and twin handles on each side of the seat increase the weight differential, and cause the board to turn in that direction.

A few karts, including some on our list, use other methods, including full steering wheels, or a front-mounted board, and tend to be much simpler for younger children or anyone who hasn’t used a hoverboard before.


Did you know that there are actually multiple sizes of hoverboards?

Hoverboards are based on the size of their wheel, with the three standard sizes being 6.5, 8.5 and 10-inch in diameter. Most hoverkart kits are designed to take the majority of hoverboards, but some won’t especially more specialised models aimed at, for example, younger children.

You’ll find that bigger hoverboards have generally larger dimensions all around, as well as being significantly heavier, so might not be suited for younger children.

Always make sure to check whether any existing hoverboards are compatible with the kart you are thinking of purchasing. Also, it is always worth double-checking whether a kit comes with a hoverboard included

Does it come with a hoverboard?

A lot of hoverkart kits, including more than half of our list, come with a hoverboard as part of the kit itself. This cuts down on the difficulty of making a decision, and means you don’t need to worry about compatibility, but does tend to ramp up the price.

Complete kits are more suited to children who don’t already have a hoverboard or are looking for a replacement. The add-on kits in our list have been specifically chosen for their ability to accept a wide variety of different board options.